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The JAC Project

JAC JAC (Java Aspect Components) is a project consisting in developing an aspect-oriented middleware layer.

JAC current version is 0.12.1. See new features introduced in 0.12.1.


Current application servers relying on J2EE does not always provide satisfying means to separate technical concerns from the application code. Since JAC uses aspect-orientation, the complex EJBs components are replaced by POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) and technical concerns implementations that are usually wired deep into the containers implementations are replaced by loosely-coupled, dynamically pluggable aspect components.


JAC aspect components provide:

  • seamless persistence (CMP) that fully handles collections and references
  • flexible clustering features (customisable broadcast, load-balancing, data-consistency, caching)
  • instantaneously defined users, profiles management, access rights checking, and authentication features
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development):
    • the GUI aspect allows the programmer to develop Swing and WEB applications at incredible speeds
    • the UMLAF IDE (UML Aspectual Factory) allows the programmer to generate running Java applications simply by drawing boxes and by configuring existing aspect components
  • distributed transactions with JOTM
  • and many more


JAC is an open-source software developed by the AOPSYS (TM) company with the collaboration of the LIP6, the CEDRIC, and the LIFL laboratories.
JAC is a direct application of Renaud Pawlak's PhD Thesis.

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