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JAC is an open-source project licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Anyone who wishes to contribute is welcomed. Contributions can take many forms: bug report, usage report, bug fix, aspect development, application development, ...

In any case the mailing list is the best place to get into touch with the community.

Individual partners

Many people contributed other the years to JAC, either with code contributions or with enlighting discussions. Please forgive us if we fail to mention of all them.

First of all, the AOPSYS team:

Next, academics:

And our special mention to the most active user :-)

Corporate & academic partners

The following company and research laboratories made all this happen.


AOPSYS is a software company providing consulting, services, development and training in advances techniques for Information Technologies. AOPSYS develops the JAC open-source software with the collaboration of various research laboratories partners.

Contact: Renaud Pawlak & Laurent Martelli


CEDRIC is the computer science research laboratory of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), located in Paris, France. Renaud Pawlak (project leader of JAC) obtained his PhD thesis at CNAM while working at CEDRIC. JAC is the direct application of Renaud Pawlak's PhD thesis.

Contact: Gérard Florin


LIFL is the computer science research laboratory of the University of Lille 1. The GOAL/Jacquard team specializes in software engineering for component-based distributed systems.

Contact: Laurence Duchien


LIP6 is the computer science esearch laboratory of the University of Paris 6. The SRC team specializes in distributed systems.

Contact: Lionel Seinturier

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